Friday, May 30, 2014

Least Favorite Software

Are there certain software tools you hate? I hate Taleo. It may be great for HR professionals and hiring managers, but as someone looking for a job and encountering it frequently, it leaves me frustrated.

First, when you create a scrolling frame inside a web page, you start at minus one.

Then the errors start.

Error - job title too long. (You asked, I told you. 25 characters? That's it?)

Error - certification not valid. (So you have a predefined list of certifications? Therefor any certification I have that isn't on your list, I cannot add at all. Oh, you have one that is close, but not exactly the same. Should I pick that? If I do, can I attest that I have answered all the questions accurately?)

For the field that is often promoting diversity, they sure aren't building the ability to support it into their tools.

Maybe I want a job writing this software, because those people must have great job security as it is impossible that they've ever had to use their own system to apply for a job. I exaggerate but UI is really bad.

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