Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Leixen VV-898: Available on AliExpress

You can now order the Leixen VV-898 dual-band 10W mobile from AliExpress for $159.00.

Main Feature:
1.        Dual band: TX:136-174MHz/400-470MHz
2.        Dual Reception/Dual Display
3.       APRO: Voice Companding and Scrambler
4.       Multi silent mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT)       214 groups DCS/58 groups CTCSS
5.       DTMF encoding and DTMF decoding
6.       PTT ID(Voice broadcast PTT ID)
7.       All calls, group calls and selective calls
8.       RX Inhibit/ RXTX Inhibit/Revive(Stun/Kill/Revive)
9.       Monitor, SMQ,MOLO
10.   Scan/Scan add
11.   Channel name edit available
12.   199 memory channels
13.   High/Low power(10W/4W)
14.   APO(Auto Power Off)
15.   TOT(Time-out timer)
16.   Font Set(Big/Small)
17.   VOX(Level adjustable)
18.   Busy channel lockout
19.   Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
20.   Multi scan mode (TO/CO)
21.   Channel steps (2.5K/5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
22.   Wide/Narrow band selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
23.   TX Stop
24.   Emergency Alarm
25.   RPT Offset(Single/RPT+/RPT-)
26.   Reverse frequency function/ Talk Around/1750Hz burst tone
27.   Lease Function(can program lease time of the radio at a exact time)
28.    Input frequency by using Keypad
29.   Four key programmable
30.    Wireless changing frequency
31.    Timepiece
32.   PC software disable frequency input
33.    Passwords for menu functions Set
34.    PTT Times per Minutes Set
35.    All/Function reset
36.    13.8V DC Power Supply
37.    Size: 120*85*40mm


  1. Replies
    1. I've been working on their English-language manual. I'm not sure when that will see print, hopefully soon. The current one is the usual sort of thing. I think I can safely say that I've improved it. Absolutely no bias, of course.

      A couple things you should know:

      First, the current production uses a BNC antenna jack. This will be updated soonish to use an SO-239 instead.

      Also, yes, basic radio. 10 watts, and it's *tiny*, weighing something under a pound.

      I sent some impressions of it to the BuyTwoWayRadios guys and will pass those impressions on to Brick as well.

    2. Buddy - Thanks for the updates.

    3. At Leixen website you should ask for a sample. They sold me one for $150,- including software cable and shipping by DHL

    4. Amazon has them for 150 right now (as of this posting)

  2. Is there programming software available? I downloaded the vv-898 file from the leixen website but it asks for a client ID and password.

    de ve3pzr.

    1. emailed Leixen & they gave me Hi Jeff,
      The following FYI:
      Client: ham
      unfortunatley it did not work for me, Any body know of password etc that activates software . Also purchased software cable from cost £5.50 shipped took about 8days,Have purchased the vv898 off ebay about 10 days ago awaiting delivery £62 delivered fingers crossed . Martyn Lynch sells it for £99.99 with cable.Have not seen a reveiw yet. The add for the one I ordered shows a bnc socket on the back.Sounds very difficult to manually programme. GW6TYJ

    2. I used the client and password you have noted it works fine in lower case thanks for passing it on M1NED

    3. Software works great now, could not find log-in information anywhere but here!! Just received my new VV-898 and still has BNC. I expected N type because most rigs now have N connector. But BNC is fine for making a slide-in bracket on my motorcycle.
      73 Richard de PA5RR

  3. Seen a trial/trail version of the radio in the UK, I can confirm that it comes with software and cable also supports Alpha Tags so 145.675 = GB3RD. The performance is amazing for the low price £99.99 in UK. The mic on the version I used was back-lit red and allowed you to change channel, enter Freq and also turn the volume up and down.

    Sizewise it look like a normal radio with the rear section being reduced by 50%, the TX/RX audio is loud and clean and is also wide band so ideal if people have other bands they wish to use or MARS operation.

    Power was measured at 10 watts, and power consumption is low @ 2amps.

    If anyone has further questions and I can head back and get more info if required.


    1. Thanks for the report Ian. I saw them in Dayton. No cable was included. I asked about the cable and the vendor said he was unable to get them.

      Makes it difficult to determine what you will get if you order off ebay (cable yes/no).

      de ve3pzr

    2. I will see if I can get access to a programming cable, as there is a chance that other cables might work but this will need confirmation based on the pinout. I have seen on ebay a few sellers not referencing the cable and programming by hand is a longer task.

      If this does not work I will contact Leixen and see if they can help.

      73's Ian

  4. does anyone know if the kenwood programming cable will work?

  5. I cannot get vv898 to scan vhf and uhf in memory mode.i have to set vfo the same mode ie vhf to get vhf to scan and vice vesa for uhf. is this the same findings with other users.? 73

    1. si anche la mia radio ha questo difetto-scansione.

  6. I have detected a bug in the software and they have corrected it. There is a new version in Leixen web since yesterday.
    73 de EA7LX

  7. It gave an error on FM radio frequency despite you change it or not. It was a MODAL ERROR so you had to kill the program and never send the info to the radio. It has something to do with "." PERIOD and "," COMMA in regional settins being different from chineses. I have had the same problem with Windows7 Spanish and WindowsXP English. Now it works. Note that the date of the downloadable file has changed but it keeps th same version and release numbers.

    73 de EA7LX

    1. Even now, november 19, it doesn´t works. I am also an spanish user, but the two fo us are the only guys than said it. What the hell is happening??? It`s impossible finishing the programming of the transceiver. The program stop with an error and without make the final process and leave the transceiver is "waiting" mode. Please, any answer? Thanks form EA.

    2. Finally I´ve found the reason of the bug and the solution (this is ea2bfx)


      El error del software original de control del equipo Leixen VV-898, que se en la versiones 102 (desconozco si se da en la 103) y que sucede tanto bajo

      Windows XP como bajo Windows 8.1..

      ese que aparece cuando suelta la temida frasecita de XXX.XXX IS NOT A VALID FLOATING POINT VALUE y que da lugar al cuelgue total e irremisible del programa

      Y DEJA EL PROCESO DE GRABACIÓN DE LAS MEMORIAS A MEDIO ACABAR y por tanto con una programación errónea y que puede hacer que el equipo funcione de una manera


      se debe a que el mismo software, por defecto, lee y guarda las frecuencias almacenadas como canales de recepción de FM comercial en formato 100.700 cuando

      debería guardarlo en formato 100,700

      si sustituimos manualmente EL PUNTO por LA COMA como forma de meter una frecuencia con decimales, el problema desaparece.

      las lecturas siempre las hará erróneas, pero las corregimos manualmente, las guardamos CON COMAS EN LUGAR DE PUNTOS, y ya con esa lista de memorias corregida

      no volveremos a tener problemas de cuelgue del software y de mala programación del equipo

      que se quedaba a medio programar, en modo WAITING...


      o que nos llevaba a tener que utilizar el administrador de tareas para cerrar el software y a reiniciar el mismo software y leer de nuevo las memorias del

      equipo para que QUITASE EL MODO WAITING EN EL QUE SE HABÍA QUEDADO y aún así tendía a tener errores en el funcionamiento.....

    3. So change your settings to use a period (.) instead of a (,) for numbers? I've seen other software for radios that require you to use a certain format for numbers or language - otherwise it fails most ungracefully.

  8. I've tried the client ham and pass : 89812345. It not work for me. anybody have new client and password ? I've email to Leixen but no reply yet.


  9. The latest version of the software does work with username/client Ham Password 89812345. I have programmed via the software and cable and all is ok.

    The only observation is that the scan bypasses channels in use, I am not sure if this is the the fault of the radio or not ticking the right box in the software.

    Aside from that very happy with the radio.


  10. Has anyone a schematic for a programcable?
    Or should a Kenwood type be good?

  11. The Leixen software found the cable and programmed the radio without having to look for com port. I followed the guidance and ordered one from here and it works fine


    1. I do not have a creditcard, other ways to pay i don't trust.. why don't they use PayPal ?
      Stil looking for a schematic or another seller for the cable...

    2. Kenwood cable works fine...

  12. I received my vv898 today, shipping 4 days from China by DHL.. I have figured out now to get some channels into the radio manually, I will around to trying the software tomorrow.. sure hope Chirp will support this radio!

    Has anyone figured out how to make the mic send DTMF tones direct like other radios? I have not got it working.. keep getting into something that sounds like storing DTMF tones in memory for recall.

    73.. Ken - VE5KC

    1. I found the answer to this question. My problem was not understanding, and/or finding the Call button they referred to in the manual. After some more digging in the manual and found that "A" on the microphone keypad is the call button. Press it twice then key in the tones you want, then push PTT and the tones are sent.. Not the way most of us are use to but it works and does prevent accidentally sending DTMF tones.

      Hopefully this will help someone else getting one of these radios.

      New Questions..

      1) - Can you change the setting for the microphone keypad so it does not stay lit all the time? It is very bright at night..

      2) - I see pictures with different colour displays but have not found a setting for this??

      73.. Ken - VE5KC

    2. Ken,

      Leixen says if you use the bracket for the mic, it will turn off the lighted keypad. I tried it with my 808, but it did not work. If you get a chance, slide the bracket on - you may have to lift the 4 pads up so they make contact to complete the circuit - and see what happens. Let me know!

    3. Thank you for this info.. Yes it works.

      Shorting the metal plate on back of mic (around mic hanger) to the mic hanger, turns off the back lighting.

      It might be in the manual but I haven't found it.

      73.. Ken - VE5KC

  13. I have found a fault on my VV-898 and wondered if anyone else has found the same thing.

    Under normal operation it sends and receives without a problem but I have been using mine as a mobile rig for the last few weeks and have found if the received signal is low and drops in and out of the squelch the radio will suddenly stop receiving (signal strength shows zero) and no audio but the green receive light stays on. After a few minutes it starts receiving again.
    If the signal level is still low and chops in and out the radio will again stop receiving.
    I've found if you step up or down in frequency it will start receiving again. Same with volume or even a press on the power switch and it starts to receive again.
    But this only happens on weak/mobile reception.

    Any clues?

    Rob, VK3XRA.

    1. Which reminds me...I wrote a review on my website
      Of course now there's a bug to write about..


    2. Disable the battery save feature. I have to same problem with my Leixen vv898 until I disable the battery save feature.

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  15. Hi,

    I programmed some FM broadcast stations into the radio but when I press CH+/- it changes the frequency not the presets in memory. On 2m or 440 it will change memory presets. What am I missing? The manual stinks, is there a How-To manual some where?



  16. Does anyone know what commercial non-dtmf microphone would work in the place of the oem one, should someone want a plain mic on the radio? Thanks.. Brent..

  17. So what's the deal with the display color? I just ordered one from Amazon, but I don't know wether the display is blue or green. I would prefer blue, but I'll bet it's green. Why the difference?

  18. Has anyone worked out why the adds for the Leixen VV-898 show some with a blue display and others with a green display? I have purchased the "S" model and it has a green display. Like some others here, I do not see a menu item that allows a change. -Pete

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  20. Ive just bought vv-898 which shows vv-808 on boot and when u tx it shows error, rig receives fine any ideas..