Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple Tools

When I do finally get back to work, I'll want to get one of these giant wall calendars. It is decidedly low-tech, but I loved being able to see the year all at once. I would track:

- month-ends (when we were on a 4-4-5 fiscal calendar), so I could make sure we didn't try to schedule downtime/maintenance during that critical period
- holidays for each of the plants (US, China, Mexico)
- vacations for my staff
- off-site training for my staff

You can use dry erase markers, but I prefer using permanent Sharpies. (You already knew I was a fan of Sharpies for the ham shack.) If something was in flux, I would make a note on a Post-It that I could move around until the date was finalized. Bright colors are a must!

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