Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wouxun KG-UV8D: Software Problem Update

I traded messages with the guys at about the software problem with the KG-UV8D.

They've seen a problem where the radio shuts down when transmitting. They aren't 100% sure, but the common factor seems to be that the customers had used the frequency adjusting software. They are working with Wouxun to find out more, but that will take some time.

It sounds like they are working hard to keep their customers happy, but I would recommend avoiding the frequency expanding software just in case.


  1. Thanks!

    You may have saved me a world of trouble.

  2. You may want to adjust the headline as it says Baofeng instead of Wouxun...

  3. I just started experiencing this problem today with my UV8D and I HAD NOT used the frequency expander. After the problem began I reset the radio, reprogrammed it with the Wouxun Software, (no fix) then even tried the frequency expander software (400 - 519 / 134 - 174) Still having the issue. The interesting thing is that it only seems to have a problem shutting down on my repeater input frequencies, (when it transmits 467 - 468 mhz etc... It's not having a problem at all on VHF Commercial, as well as 70cm and 2m frequencies. When it shuts down I can not restart it until I remove the battery and re-install. After that it turns on just fine, receives, transmits, but again, will shut down as soon as I transmit on frequencies between 465 and 468 mhz. Help please?

    1. Hi there… I experience the same problem with my UV8dD radio. When I transmit on 477.350 (The input to the repeater) the radio completely turns off. I remove the battery and replace it, and the radio is ok again. I have only experienced this problem when I TX using full power. When I use the low power setting I have no issues. I have set this particular channel to low power. I believe that frequency-expanding software has been used on this radio before I purchased it off a friend.

  4. Strange, I've tried a few things now and here are some interesting results. I tried changing the TX Power to low and the frequency to narrow and it worked. So I thought , it must be one of these two problems that is causing the shut down. I put it back to sideband on a GMRS repeater frequency (yes I know it's not Part 95....) so TX on 467.725 (rx 462.725) Low power narrow worked, then back to wide band low power and it worked, then back to high power wide and it works fine at the moment, no shut down problem. So I've run through all the frequencies (programmed as channels) that I was having issues with and they are all working fine. I powered the radio down... then back on, and still fine. This is a strange one for sure ?? I hope my findings help this problem get solved. I just ordered 2 of the new firmware 2.5khz step radios from radioshop888 and hope those are fine as well because these are really awesome little radios.

  5. Hi There.
    I have the same problem.
    TX around 477mhz
    Mine is related to the battery.
    I have a slim 1700mah battery that is fine on High & low power
    But My fatter 2600 mah battery Shuts down when transmitting on high power.
    It is fine on low power.