Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pofung Baofeng

"Rebranding of BAOFENG to ‘Pofung’ In International Markets 
We are pleased to announce today that we’re rebranding our products as ‘Pofung’ for international markets.

Thanks to our valued customers from all over the world, we’ve been embracing an exciting growth in the last few years. We feel it’s time to adapt our brand to the global stage. The current name ‘BAOFENG’, a literal Pinyin translation of our Chinese character name, may be difficult for a hobbyist across the ocean to pronounce. We’ve heard different kinds of pronunciations, like ‘BAY-O-FENG’. The new name ‘Pofung’ is easier to pronounce and more friendly to our customers, while maintaining the phonetic symbolism of our brand.

Our new brand ‘Pofung’ will gradually replace the existing brand ‘BAOFENG’ in the global markets outside China. Products for the domestic market in China will retain their current brand name and identity. Our official web domain will remain unchanged.

The new brand builds on our heritage as a reliable and professional provider of high-performance ham transceivers.We will continue to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective radio communication solutions, through our authorized distributors like AMAZON.COM, SAIN STORE, RADIODDITY.COM, and BAOFENGTECH.COM. We advise you to purchase only from authorized distributors to ensure quality of the products and service you get.

The rebrand is also in line with our global vision and our commitment to strive toward excellence. We look forward to bringing you more exciting products under the new brand. For updates on our rebranding process and information on our new products, please visit and the following websites of our business partners: and"
I checked and is registered, but there isn't anything there yet.

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