Friday, June 6, 2014

Tiny 2M Receiver

So several people (both on my post and the reddit thread) suggested looking at the Alinco radios for a tiny receiver option - specifically the DJC7.  That thing is extremely thin and has many more features than what I was talking about.

I also found this old thread on

But I want something even smaller - along the lines of this size would be great (see picture below). That's $13.99 for a "High Quality mp3 player 1.8" LCD screen 100% 8GB slim 4th player with FM radio video play games free shipping wholesale." I don't think volumes would be such that you would get down to that price, but I wonder how hard it would be to replace the chip (87MHz -108MHz) with one that would receive the amateur 2M frequencies. I'd like to have it for running as I've said before. I can think of a few other uses. For example, if you want to allow people without a license to easily listen without loaning them a transceiver - particularly for monitoring at an event - this might fit the bill.

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    $125 here:

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