Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wouxun KG-UV8D: Firmware Update and Green Buttons

The latest version (firmware v1.03) of the KG-UV8D is available at BuyTwoWayRadios:
"First, the KG-UV8D is now available with 2.5k step. Early versions of this radio were only available with a minimum 5k step. Of course, an eventual update to a 2.5k version was expected, and Wouxun recently brought addition of the smaller step to market."
"The KG-UV8D comes standard with a 1700mAh battery pack in the box. However, for a limited time, Buy Two Way Radios is replacing the stock battery pack with a FREE high capacity battery upgrade!" 
"Demo versions of the KG-UV8D featured green A/B and EXIT buttons on the keypad. When Wouxun officially released the radio to market, the buttons were black. Those who were expecting the KG-UV8D to ship with green buttons were disappointed to find they were black. 
"Well, due to popular demand, Buy Two Way Radios worked with Wouxun to bring back the green buttons, and now we have them! This is a limited run, and we only received one hundred of them, but now you can get a KG-UV8D with green buttons while supplies last. Whether we are able to get more in the future with green buttons depends on the demand."
Some people are already getting their new ones.

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