Sunday, August 17, 2014

Transmitting from an Undisclosed Location

I'm not at the home base, so posting will be limited - as you've already figured out. It also doesn't help that the network connection here drops between 7% to 11% of the packets, average pings are 400ms, and maximum pings hit 3 seconds. I'm hoping they upgrade to a Sportster 56K soon.


  1. Ha, I know the feeling. We were at an RV site a few weeks ago which had free wifi. On a sat-link... with DHCP leases that lasted a week and only 50 IP's made available. Luckily changing my IP to one of the other ones at the subnet and using the default admin password, the DHCP scope was easily fixed. :) But speed, lag and dropped connections were not fixed...

  2. 56K . . .
    I send morse code faster than that :-)

  3. I was always dreaming of owning the latest and greatest Sportster... then I got ISDN and a Motorola ISDN device of some flavor or another. I would connect with a single channel to an ISP in Knoxville that was owned by a friend of mine. We had a Quake II server setup. Between my ISDN connection and my Voodoo 3D card, I was hard to beat on that server. :) Good times.