Sunday, October 12, 2014

409Shop Introduction Video

A little promo video about the 409Shop...


  1. 409SHOP IS BEST



  2. wow that video clip ... its so bad, so cringe worthy
    it looks like something produced in mid ninetiess to be watched at company wide manager meetings
    they even got a clueless token white guy in there
    chenese are still soo out of touch with the west when it comes to marketing and sales :/

    1. I agree. However, I also agree with EA7HYC. I have done hundreds of dollars worth of business with 409shop, and while their shipping is amazingly slow, their service and products have always been great.

    2. It's like the difference between ebay (which can appear a little cluttered) and Alibaba (where flashing/blinking/jam-packed pages are the norm), too. Different cultures - different web pages/marketing approaches.

    3. You've got it Raz, it's meant to be an internal video or one sent to potential buyers. The 'token white guy' isn't token at all, he's a buyer/product manager from some company who has visited the company to inspect their operations. They have asked him to say a few nice things for a video. While the Chinese may be 'out of touch' when it comes to marketing in the west, they have over a billion domestic customers so they aren't that concerned.

  3. Dont get me wrong Anonymous, I love Chinese products. They are often ingenious, constantly innovating, one upping their competition, copying best aspects - its like EE Darwinism in action at a rate of >2-4 models per year.

    What I dont like is lying to my face while looking me in the eye smiling.

    I dont need some middle manager telling me 'our best no break' in barely passable english. DONT SAY 'our products never break' you twat, this is insulting.

    I want HONESTY and PASSION - I want to see actual engineer that worked on a product say something about design choices he took. I want to hear them say 'yes, we replaced brand name opamps with 1/10 price generics, it sounds 95% as good as before, but we pass savings to you', or 'we will ship replacements quickly for free'.

    Its clearly not meant to be internal video - its on their official YT channel. This is worse than infomercials from the 1980/1990, even terrible ones with actual employees raping. Are there no psychology/marketing degrees in Chinese Universities? or are they stuck in early nineties too? They are trying hard to copy US business culture from that time period, this is sad and ineffective.