Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FTDI Driver Update Bricks Fake Chips

This should be fun... expect the Yahoo Groups to blow up with the "I can't program my radio" posts. The new driver is available using Windows Update, so lots of people will never even realize they are getting a new version.

"This isn’t a case where fake FTDI chips won’t work if plugged into a machine running the newest FTDI driver; the latest driver bricks the fake chips, rendering them inoperable with any computer."


  1. I guess I won't be programming any of my radios until this mess sorts out.


    So that's why there was a hole in the chip! Probabely used a test version back then!

  3. BaoFeng Tech Official Statement:

    We use Genuine FTDI chips in our programming cable that has been very popular and used for many brands of Radios that use the 2 pin Kenwood Set-up

    We have even confirmed on our local PCs that our FTDI cable works on the latest update on both Windows and OSX machines

    Most of the "Chinese" radio community uses our cable and can continue using the BaoFeng Tech FTDI cable without worries.

  4. No. Most people use the cheaper, vulnerable generic chip not yours.