Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Stick

The last few months, I've developed some calf cramps during my runs. I tried using my big foam roller to work them out, but there is either too little pressure, too much pressure (if I cross my legs), or I can't hold myself up long enough to work out the cramp.

Many of my runner friends had recommended The Stick as a good tool to focus on a muscle area. I don't know why I didn't listen to them sooner! This thing is a miracle worker. I got mine at Runner's Market here in Knoxville. They recommended the firmer one saying it would last longer. (They had several versions of The Stick sitting around and the flexible ones were in much worse shape.) You can apply as much pressure as you are comfortable with and just roll it over the sore muscle 25-30 times. I've gotten immediate relief and had fewer problems since I started using it.

(I'll get my usual million dollar kick-back if you order one from Amazon, but I want to mention I am not otherwise getting compensated for making these glowing/gushing statements about The Stick. Sorry for the commercial, but I just like it that much!)

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