Friday, October 10, 2014

TYT TH-9800: Version 2

Grapevine Amateur Radio sent out an e-mail about the updated TYT TH-9800 Quad band mobile. They have it for $279.99:
"We received a brand new shipment 2 days ago and have already sold several of these updated radios. This is the latest version of the TH-9800 Quad Bander, which contains a new PCB board and has the most up-to-date firmware."
I wish there was a little more detail in the message.


  1. According to TYT there were some components / design flaws which caused the PA stage to overheat and fail prematurely as a result.

    Most (if not all) Chinese VHF/UHF rigs lack circuits which will alert the user to high SWR or overheating. Some common sense is necessary -- almost no rig available today allows continuous 100% duty cycle operation.