Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Forced Charity

Knoxville Utility Board to force all customers to participate in charity - unless they opt-out.

Unreal. KUB is my utility - not my conscience.


  1. Brick, thanks for the reminder to go opt-out. Forced and charity can't be used in the same sentence. Even if I thought the round-up plan was a good idea, I can't support anything administered by KUB. From what I've been told by someone at TVA, they are right at the bottom of utility companies in TN. No fiber optic build out like EPB in Chattanooga, no smart metering, and they seem to always want to rip us off. I looked into the old smooth billing plan a couple years ago and the monthly amount was about 30% higher than my average bill. I'm getting ready to check out levelized billing, so it will be interesting to see how much they "round-up" on the average bills with this plan. I am glad I'm not their water district, so that's a positive.


    1. I was tempted to call now to opt out even though it doesn't start until May. I have them for water, gas, and electric. Lucky me. Guess I'll just go find someone else for those services... oh, wait... I can't unless I want to move.