Monday, November 10, 2014

Raspberry Pi A+

So they released the Raspberry Pi B+ recently and now the A+ is coming:
“It’s easy for people to look at the Model A and think it’s just a cheaper variant of the B. When they look at it like that they might as well just go for the deluxe model since it’s only an extra $10,” explains Upton. “I feel like some people missed out on why the lower-power model like the Model A can make sense. If you’re building something with robotics, or essentially any project that doesn’t need Ethernet networking, it’s a great fit.” 
Eben also thinks it would make a mockery of the original $25 computer promise if they didn’t continue with the Model A: “It’s also really important to us because it’s our flagship product. It was our original stake in the ground and where it all started.”
The article continues:
“It gives people a really low-cost way to come and play with Linux and it gives people a low-cost way to get a Raspberry Pi. We still think most people are still going to buy B+s, but it gives people a way to come and join in for the cost of 4 Starbucks coffees.” 

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