Thursday, November 6, 2014

Vero Telecom: VR-6600PRO Pricing

Grapevine Amateur Radio has the VR-6600PRO listed with a price of $419.99. Jason adds this comment on the Chinese Ham Radio Equipment Google+ site:
"I agree. I think the price-point is too high. I had the radio listed at $389, and VeroTel emailed me and told me I had to change it to $420. Their MSRP is $460. I told them I thought that was too high for a Chinese Amateur Radio, but they swear the quality is very high. However, I can't verify this because they won't send me a model for testing (unless I want to pay $55 to ship 1 radio, plus the price of the radio itself) so I am waiting to see if I gain any interest in my pre-order page. Then if I actually get orders (which isn't looking likely at this point) I can get my hands on a unit and review it."


  1. 420 is too high for an unknown Chinese manufacturer radio.

    1. yeah 420 or even more is waaayy more than i would give for a chinese radio. if you have that money why dont you buy yaesu or a branded one , cheers