Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Adafruit and Heathkit

Adafruit looks at Heathkit:
"There are not as many people who know about Heathkit now, so when we saw a year ago that something new might be happening with the brand (again) we and many others got very excited. It’s puzzling as to what’s really going on though. 
Maybe our post about this will shed some light on this electronic history mystery which is Heathkit 2014. We hope we find out what the plans are for Heathkit, who owns it now, and if this legendary and loved brand is going to return to the educational electronic market."
Heathkit responds:
"Our friends at Adafruit Industries have been doing some sleuthing, and we agree- it's time for an update. Happily, there's plenty to report. 
Exciting things are happening in the Heathkit labs. We're pleased at the great feedback from our beta-testers on a range of quality products we've been actively developing. As you know, we had hoped to get several of these new products out for the Christmas market, but our team is creating so many new ideas that we've been slowed by the sheer work of creating patents (by law we must file them before we may sell our new products, or even advertise them). We remain hard at work, and as excited as ever to ship finished new products meeting Heathkit's high standards. 
Meanwhile, our team has been expanding. More top-notch technical advisors and advisors have joined the effort, and hand-picked interns have been learning the ropes while earning money for their college degrees. We've been carefully building supply chain relationships to keep quality high and prices low, and exploring exciting partnerships that we look forward to announcing. Our soldering irons remain hot, and are being put to good use. 
We know you're as eager as we are to see the newest Heathkit designs released. (Of course thousands of Heathkit® products are bought and sold each week-- we participate in this market ourselves, and monitor it closely). For any enthusiasts not yet on our Heathkit Insider email list, that list will be the first place that new product availability is announced. Head over to the FAQ section on our official website to learn how to join the mailing list and also to read the answers to Adafruit's questions about Heathkit intellectual property. We look forward to building out this FAQ section as more information becomes public. 
It's been an enormous amount of hard work, but our team has risen to the task. You can be confident that as true Heathkit devotees ourselves, we want nothing more than to honor the legendary name that's graced workbenches and homes for generations. We look forward to providing more news soon. 
Until next time,
The Heathkit Team"

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