Saturday, January 31, 2015

Grapevine DMR Radios

Ripped from a Grapevine e-mail that was forwarded to me:

"Wow, brand new from BFDX, this is a very nice radio. Right out of the package, you can tell this is a well-made piece of equipment. Heavy-duty, durable and stylish. The large TFT color screen looks great and is easy to read. A voice prompt, which you can turn off or on, talks to you and tells you which channel you are on. All channels and zones are customizable with names and many characters that you can set to read whatever you like.

This unit comes with built-in GPS, so your transmit location is viewable by others with a GPS receiver in their radios. This feature can be turned off or on. The "On" mode of the GPS has 2 settings, one for higher performance, and one for battery saver."

"We're carrying the Connect Systems radios for the purposes of promoting DMR. At $199, you'll pay exactly the same price from us that you'd pay from Connect Systems. Drop by the store and take yours home today! We'll even program it for you with the DFW-area codeplug at no additional charge. Of course you can order from the website also."

"TYT's MD-280 DMR HT holds just 16 channels with no display, but offers a lower cost solution for DMR. Perfect for businesses or for a young ham who just needs a few talkgroups.

Comes with programming cable and free software."

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  1. Thanks for the heads up.

    While I won't ask when the BFDX is getting their FCC certification (out of dealer's control and out of stock as this is written), what would be good to know is whether the CPS and cable are included and if not, how much additional $.