Tuesday, February 24, 2015

AnyTone Tech

So the smoke is clearing after the Baofeng Tech announcement about their new venture selling AnyTone radios as AnyTone Tech.

Here is my summary of what people are saying from the various forum posts, blogs, comments, and e-mail reflectors:
1. Some folks were disappointed that there wasn't a new, earth-shattering radio. 
2. Some folks were disappointed that the big news was that Baofeng Tech was selling AnyTone radios. 
3. Some folks were confused about Baofeng Tech selling AnyTone radios. 
4. Some folks don't like the names/models (ANILE-8R, NSTIG-8R, OBLTR-8R, TERMN-8R).
In general, there was a lot more time spent discussing the announcement than the radios themselves. That trend continues here for the moment. My thoughts about each of those points.
1. Sure, I'd like to have gotten new models with every feature imaginable under the sun - and for $25. While not revolutionary, I think we are still moving in the right direction. Upgradeable firmware - good. NOAA weather alerts - I want this feature. (A couple of my cars had the weather band and I loved having it.) 
I may buy the TERM-8R depending on it's price. Price is my segue to my big point about Chinese radios in general... value. What has kept my interest in them for so long (starting with the Wouxun KG-UVD1P and then kicking in to high gear with the UV-3R) is that, for the most part, they've offered a lot of utility compared to the price. It started with the HTs and now we are seeing mobiles and HF rigs.
2. If I'm Baofeng Tech and I'm branching out like this - it is big news to me and I'd be excited about it. You want to get the word out. I don't have a problem with them "selling" the news. I was happy to post the teaser. It was fun to imagine what they might be doing. It's up to us to decide if we want to "buy" - the hype, the radios, etc.
3. If you follow anything in the start-up world, people talk about "pivoting." Some times you start out in one direction and then realize that there are additional opportunities (or better ones) that necessitate a change. We saw Wouxun.us move away from Wouxun radios and become Import Communications. Also, there is a difference from the manufacturer/factory and companies that are resellers.
4. I'm not a big fan of the names, but I really understand what they are trying to do. They wanted something that created a family of radios (the "ator" or "-8R"). They wanted something that would differentiate them from other radios and models. As others have said, while not perfect, at least they are trying and it could be worse (UV-3R Mark II Plus+). The way the current ecosystem works, the manufacturers don't exert any control over the names, so that leaves the resellers to battle it out.
So, where does that leave us? For me, I'm gonna watch for the pricing... and I  might add another radio to the shack.


  1. I really wish they'd released the pricing and made them available at the same time as the announcement.

    1. If the radios have not yet received FCC certificaiton yet then they cannot legally advertise them or sell them. That is why there are no prices mentioned.

  2. A lot of truth in that article.

  3. I think the really interesting part is being both Part 90 and Part 95 approved. I had always assumed they were mutually exclusive.

    Not that lack of Part 95 approval stopped many people from using these radios in the MURS and/or GMRS services, but at least AnyTone Tech is TRYING to play by the rules. I think it's a good trend to see.

  4. The was i understood it, baofengtech was releasing new radios. Not that they were branching out. They can advertize however they want, none of my business, but the way i got it was that the new radios were baofengs. Then again, i'm not a native english speaker, so what do i know?

  5. 4 feature oriented styles to choose from. Nice And Cheap. 2 thumbs up. I dont care if they are part 90/95 approved or not. USA has always gotten highly marked up, Branded, limited use radios. It's refreshing to get a great deal almost direct from Baofeng chinese factory to my door. The low cost demonstrates how much we hams and radio operators have been getting ripped off over the years. Distributors, middlemen, retail outlets. Let them die a slow painful financial death. To Baofeng/Anytone you come up with a full featured, all mode, HF + 6m, 2m, 220, 440 rig similar to the kenwood ts2000 that is base or mobile for a good price... AND I"LL BUY IT!

    1. Still too early to say they'll be cheap. I haven't seen any prices on them yet.

  6. Great article Brick. I'm guessing that these will be competitively priced with other Anytones. The $50 radios will always be out there and should be, but these appear to be geared for the higher end user, not quite ready for the top three brands. I have both the $50 radios and a few Anytones. There's definitely a difference.

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