Thursday, February 19, 2015

HP Stream Laptop - Plus Office 365

I've rolled the dice on an HP Stream 13" laptop. When I bought it, it was $200. It is back to $230 now. We needed something for my wife and I was thinking about shelling out for some cloud storage. The laptop comes with one year of Office 365 Personal which includes 1 TB of OneDrive storage. If I had bought the Office 365 subscription separately, it would have been $70.

I've completely rationalized this now, so it is just a $130 laptop. If it doesn't meet her needs, then we aren't out much. I could probably let my 6 year old use it. Although, she would probably be baffled by the lack of a touch screen!


  1. "The laptop comes with one year of Office 386 Personal"

    This "Office 386 Personal" - will it also run on 486 and Pentiums?


  2. I think she will love it. I got the Stream 11 for my girlfriend for Christmas. Amazing value at $200.00. She loves the keyboard but the touchpad is a little hard to use for her. There was some crapware to uninstall but overall a home run. Enjoy