Wednesday, February 4, 2015

VeroTelecom Interview

Over at reddit an interview with Mindy of VeroTelecom:
"Q: From my research on VeroTelecom it seems the majority of your business is the professional two way radio market (rugged, heavy duty radios). What made VeroTelecom decide to focus on the Amateur radio market with such a specific radio? 
A: Vero Telecom has focused on the radio market for over 10 years, no matter for professional radio market or amateur radio market. However, for this long time, we did not have a representative product for the Amateur radio market. So we spent 3 years developing the VR-6600Pro. And we hope it will be a successful beginning in to the Amateur market. 
Q: With such an Amateur specific radio (APRS, GPS, multi color, etc) is VeroTelecom planning on a significant percentage of their business to be Amateur related? 
A: In the future, Vero Telecom will more focus on Amateur radio market, say 80% or more."
More at the link.

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