Monday, March 9, 2015

AnyTone Tech TERMN-8R: NOAA Weather

Maybe not the feature most folks are interested in, but I really like the pre-programmed NOAA weather frequencies in the TERMN-8R (and OBLTR-8R). Press the "A" Function key then press the "#" Bank/MSK key. Press the "*" Band key to cycle between Weather Off (WE OFF), Weather On (WE ON), or Weather Alert (WE ALT). Use the channel knob to switch between the seven NOAA frequencies.

When configured for weather alerts, the TERMN-8R will monitor NOAA on the sub-band while you can still listen to another frequency on the main band. (The note in the manual says that OBLTR-8R can monitor only one live/active frequency at a time, so the main band is muted on RX. You could still TX, but you can't hear anything while it is monitoring for weather alerts.)

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