Friday, April 17, 2015

Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs: Add a Scope to Your Ham Shack

I'm curious if Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs: Add a Scope to Your Ham Shack is any good. The description is:
Oscilloscopes are a useful tool in the world of electronics, allowing radio amateurs to “see” the signals inside their equipment. With personal computers and today’s technologies, a variety of analog, digital or hybrid scopes are available to hams for solving problems and testing new ideas in home workshops. 
Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs is filled with practical information you’ll need for using a scope. It begins with an overview of the oscilloscope and continues on to discuss characteristics, applications, probes, controls, and input modes. If you’re considering adding this piece of test equipment to your ham shack, there is an explanation of scope specifications and features to help you select an oscilloscope that is right for you. 
- Why Get an Oscilloscope?
- A Little History
- Every Scope Has These Elements
- Probes and Accessories
- Scope Sections in Detail
- Input Modes
- Let’s Put a Scope to Work
- If You Are Going to Buy One – Specifications
- Software Oscilloscopes — Capable and Free
- Reviews of Several Current Models
Or does anyone know of a similar text?

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  1. I know your looking for text but give this a go.