Friday, June 12, 2015

Juentai JT-6188: Programming

John's got the step by step instructions for programming frequencies into the JT-6188/KT-8900. I wonder how much of the problem was related to this:
"All programming MUST be initially done in the Frequency Mode only. From there you have the option of assigning the entered data to a specific channel for later access in the Channel Mode if desired."


  1. The KT8900 / JT6188 program manually much like the Baofeng.
    - Channel must be deleted first prior to programming
    - TX and RX need to be loaded separately.

  2. Nah, the big single sheet manual made VFO mode obvious. What wasn't obvious was that hand keying the two freqs into A and B were required instead of using the OFFSET and SFT-D settings that are in the menu structure. At least, that's where it was hanging me up.

    Great work, as usual! Thanks!

    Nobody expects...

  3. Its not even worth the cost of shipping every single first gen user seems to have the same issues that make it frustrating to use

    Issues include but are not limited too.

    RX is lost when you change a channel "keying up or pressing MOM brings the audio back"

    Programed repeater offsets are lost when you TRY to save them to a memory channel "Deal breaker right there!!!"

    A slight hum when volume is at lowest level

    Power is always High=20watts even when switched to Low =20watts

    I do not own But I want this radio and will wait and see if the issues get resolved or someone finds a workaround to the programming error........73's