Thursday, June 4, 2015

Radio Mart Discontinues Sales of Chinese Radios

Martyn announces via the TYT TH9800 Yahoo Group that he will no longer be selling Chinese radios:
"We here at Radio Mart no longer carry ANY Chinese radios

The reason is very simple,, as we were the first to introduce this rig in to the country we enjoyed excellent sales for some time, then with eBay and Amazon came falling prices to below even our landed cost.

10 to 15 calls a day every single day and night asking for help from users who had not purchased the rig from our company gets a little old,,, so it’s no skin off my nose that I no longer carry the TH-9800

Support from TYT,, good luck with that and support from whoever you purchased it from through Amazon or eBay,, good luck with that too.

IF USA hams had supported a USA company then this would be an exceptional radio for the money however this never happened,, shame really.

I set up this self help group to cover any of the consumers who purchased this radio elsewhere so they could at least get some support of sorts.

Thank you to all those hams who have been very patent and helpful to those in need of assistance.

I will be keeping this help group open for now as it is part of my contribution to the hobby but PLEASE DO NOT CALL me asking for help when you went elsewhere and purchased this radio.

Best 73s
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  1. he may want to update his website:

    "We are happy to be a distributor of the TVT brand name of single and dual band Ham Radio and professional transceivers.

    A new product line for us, we are amazed at the performance of these transceivers, outperforming transceivers over 3 times the price.

    We carry a full line of accessories and support. We offer an unbeatable price policy and 12 month warantee with the range."

    The site still has 2 TYT products featured on front page? A great many locals bought the TYT for local 220 ops from them and have been pretty happy.

    1. Even his signature on the message I posted above still has TYT and Baofeng listed.

  2. He says "Chinese radios" but he really means the TYT TH-9800, from what I have read on his posts/comments.

  3. I'm not a big fan of RadioMart (got stiffed a while back from them while they were still selling on Amazon), but I have to say his feelings about the current marketplace are completely understandable.

    I've also had folks take 45 minutes asking a hundred different questions at various shows we attend only to have them tell us (at the last moment) that if can't match the price of a non-FCC certified Part 90 radio that are viewing on an Amazon or e-Bay website (including no tax) then they will take their business elsewhere.

    I've also had chaps tell me they can magically source a TH-9800 for $150, new in box, including shipping. When asked for a source, the usual reply is "various Chinese websites" with no additional information provided as they wander off after wasting our time.

    I'm not sure if they realize how clueless they really are, or if they are simply confusing a TH-9000 single band radio in price for the TH-9800 quad-band radio that they are looking at.

    In any case, it's clear that a certain percentage of folks will take advantage of any dealer that they can, which is why so many dealers nowadays refuse to attend local hamfests (unless it's huge), since the cost to attend (including gas, lodging, event location costs, etc.) can easily exceed their profit margins if they are expected to match the lowest price on the internet from some guy running a website from his one room apartment in China.