Tuesday, August 4, 2015

County Comm GP-5/SSB

John reviews the County Comm GP-5/SSB Handheld Receiver (AM, FM, SW, USB, LSB ~1.7 to 30 MHz):
"This is not your typical portable Shortwave radio, but a state of the art SDR with full frequency range and true USB/LSB filters.
Whether your requirements are for EmComm, survival kit, or you're a ham that can't leave his rig behind when on vacation, this impressive handheld receiver is definitely worth considering."
I like the County Comm stuff - I've never bought any of the electronics, but I have purchased several odds and ends.

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  1. I own this radio. It performs really well and has SSB. It has more features than typical radios this small and that may be off-putting to more casual users. It can be a little knobspinning to manual tune at times, but it makes up for that with the "ETM" feature that SWLs will love when they find it.

    You just turn on the radio, hold the ETM button, and wait about 3-5 minutes. The VFO and DSP will scan the entire range and autoload the ETM memories with signals they agree contain stations.

    Then every click of the tuning wheel is the next confirmed signal. It takes a minute to fill the memories, but works great.

    This is also a neat form factor for the radio itself.