Monday, September 28, 2015

Walt Disney World Repeaters

I didn't realize the Walt Disney World (WD4WDW) repeaters existed. Some responses to the original question about them on reddit below.

"I hear they used to be populated with a bunch of prince charmings, but then a couple of dumbos got goofy with it and now all the regulars went back to SSB transmitters and AM receivers 
p.s. if you do go you'll notice the best coverage over in the water parks -the little mermaid section is renowned for its aerial"
"Hm, no idea but it's interesting to note that that call is registered as Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service. 
I don't reckon that actually restricts use of the repeaters to emergencies only."
Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service = Disney EARS! Ha!

The club website is here.

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