Monday, December 28, 2015

Amazon Cloud Drive

Unlimited storage for 1 year for $10 using Amazon's Cloud Drive. I've not used the Amazon cloud. Does anyone have any experience with it? OneDrive/Office365 and Dropbox are $70 and $80 respectively for 1 year and 1 TB. (With Office 365, you do get to use Office during that same time frame, so not exactly apples to apples.)


  1. You pretty much HAVE to use a web interface with cloud drive and no sync... pros and cons. I'm trying to find decent software to mount it as a drive letter without paying more than I am for cloud drive.

  2. I use the dutch Stack *free* 1TB cloud drive. Is accessible over WebDAV, so no problem syncing with Synology CloudSync. Speed is only so-so with smaller files, but large files upload at 1.5MB/s (MegaByte) here on a 20Mb/s (MegaBit) upload.

    Only problem for most readers here: only available for dutch residents at the moment and (officially) one per household. But since I hold 5 domains, I now have 6 accounts and 6TB for free. ;)