Thursday, January 21, 2016

TYT MD-380: Yahoo Group

The obligatory Yahoo Group for the TYT MD-380.


  1. Unfortunately that group is moderated by one of the more immoderate forum members, and ironically one of the more vocal critics of Tytera, owing to some bad experiences working with the company.

    I left that forum a while back. The cognitive dissonance and irony were too strong. It's impossible to know how many voices have been quietly squelched there.

    1. Hate to hear that - those groups really are hit or miss.

    2. I removed myself from that group 2 days ago, after having one of my emails blocked by the moderator, which I called him out on. I decided that it was enough. The day after I left, yesterday, he sends an email to the group saying that he kicked me, and that I left because all of his bickering about how he hates the TYT radios was stifling my ability to sell the TYT MD380 on my website. These are 2 perfect lies, and this is just more evidence of why that group is no place to get actual help with the radio that they are claiming to support.