Thursday, February 11, 2016

PRYME AL-800 Antenna System: Hans (PD0AC) Review

Reports of his retirement from ham radio were greatly exaggerated... Hans posted a review of the PRYME AL-800 Antenna System on the Chinese Ham Radio Equipment Google+ site:
"The PRYME AL-800 antenna system takes a whole new approach to the 'gain problem'. Instead of offering an antenna with a fixed length, the PRYME AL-800 is more of an antenna construction kit. 
What you get is a base with a connector of your choice (SMA, BNC) and two antenna extensions. One of the extensions is short and will perform much like any other helical antenna. The second one is a combination of two extendable whip antennas with a loading coil in between. The antenna will be 94,5 cm / 37.2 inches long when fully extended, which includes the base."

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