Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tytera MD-9600: Digital Mobile announces the Tytera MD-9600 as a follow-up to the MD-380 HT:
"The MD-380 was a game changer, and turned Tytera into respected brand in the DMR marketplace almost overnight. 
Now they are about to do it again. Get ready for the Tytera MD-9600 Digital Mobile Radio
Yes, that's right, the long-awaited announcement is here. Tytera has introduced a new mobile two way radio capable of operation in both digital and analog modes. 
According to Tytera, the MD-3900 operates on 400-480MHz frequencies at up to 45 watts (UHF model) or 136-174MHz VHF at up to 50 watts (VHF model). As a DMR radio, It uses Time Division Multiple Access(TDMA) technology and is compatible with MotoTRBO Tier I and II."
No pricing yet, but expected release date is in May.

The product sheet can be found here (PDF).

(As a side note, I've probably not given the MD-380 as much attention as I should have.)


  1. The MD-380 is a cool little rig. A few polish issues remain (for example, one of the menus has "repeatar" instead of "repeater"). But I bought one last weekend and it's been a good intro to DMR. Seems like a lot of people are using them too (I'd say about a third of the people who've identified their radio on NA this past week have been using MD-380s).

    1. I just purchased the TYT MD-390,it is brilliant. Both analog and Digital. For less than $199.00. It is by far the best HT I've ever owned. I also have an ICOM ID-51. But the Tytera is by far more rugged and easier to operate, and program. It may have been designed for, Commercial use; however, this radio is a very solid Amateur DMR radio I have come to find. I'm putting it to good use here in Southern California. I've already made several World contact through my local repeater system.


  3. Any news about this radio (9600)?
    Izzy, 4X1UF