Friday, April 22, 2016

FX-9A: 10 Band 15W HF Transceiver LSB/USB/CW


Model: FX-9A
Model: LSB / USB / CW (iambic keying mode A and B)
Supports manual and automatic key, the machine automatically detect, you can alsoset the menu
Frequency range: 160M / 80M /60M/ 40M / 30M / 20M / 17M / 15M / 12M / 10M 10 amateur bands
Output Power: SSB about 15W about 10W CW low power profile around 5W.
Receiver sensitivity: about 0.5UV
SSB filter bandwidth: 2K
CW filter bandwidth: about 200HZ
Support VFOA / VFOB, supports CW Automatic Call (programmable own call sign)
Support RIT, support CW speed adjustment, support channel and VFO mode
Support high VSWR protection, the menu can be set to protect the value of the
CW Broadband Narrowband settings
Japan COPAL use photoelectric encoder, frequency tuning smooth, fast and accurate
Screen using OLED display, even in sunlight can clearly show that the use of temperature -40-80 degrees Celsius
size: Length: 16 cm Width: 10 cm height: 4.8 cm
Input voltage: DC10-14V, maximum 15V
Receiving current consumption of about 360MA, the emission current maximum of about about 3A-3.7A
Net weight: 600 g

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