Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I mowed the lawn and did a bunch of yard work, so I got to listen to a couple of podcasts this week-end.

First, the BuyTwoWayRadios guys ask if there is too much tech in the radios. I say no - as long as all the features don't get in the way of the basic functionality. With a minimal amount of fumbling around, the average ham should be able to get a radio on the air without having to read the entire manual. (Smart phones should be the same way. The average person should be able to do some basic tasks like making a call or texting without having to invest a lot of time learning a new interface.)

Next, I went back in time to listen to the Ham Radio 360 (Fo Time) discussion about selecting your second HT. While that ship had sailed for me a long time ago, it was interesting to hear their pros and cons for various options.

Lastly, this one is in my queue for the commute or my next bit of downtime: Ham Radio 360 - Introduction to SDR.

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