Monday, May 23, 2016

USB Rechargeable Screwdriver with Live Circuit Detector

Kind of cool - a USB rechargeable screw driver with live circuit detector for $22.

  • Patented Circuit Sensor Non-Contact Live-Wire Detector for outlets, switches, cords and fixtures
  • Safely detects current from up to 1 inch away; communicates with sound and red light
  • 2 LED worklights for illumination in low-light situations
  • Integrated, rechargeable Lithium battery and USB charging port for convenient charging
  • 9-piece screwdriver bit kit and magnetic bit holder


  1. Here I go, bubble bursting again. . . .most Lowes stores have it for 19.99.
    We have two of these. . . they are handy, the voltage detector works well, the built in wire stripper not so well. Not a great deal or torque, but not bad for 4 volts.

    1. No worries about bubble bursting... I saw it on Amazon, but would be happy to save $2 and get one at Lowe's - as I'm sure would many others.