Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nagoya NA-24J Ultra Whip VHF-UHF Antenna

John reviews the new lightweight Nagoya NA-24J Ultra Whip VHF-UHF Antenna. He reports the performance is better than most stock handheld antennas, but the real differentiator is the weight:
"Here's where the NA-24J excels. The antenna element is less than half the thickness of the NA-771 and about 1/3 the weight. The 24J weights in at mere .3oz (8.5g) as compared to 1.0oz (28g) for the NA-771."


  1. It's too bad there isn't an SMA male version (yet?).

    I am working on a HAB project where weight is critical. Currently using a 771. I would love to shave 20ish grams off of that. The less my balloon payload weighs the higher it should go.

  2. Someone in product support at Nagoya sent me to Buy Two Way Radios for the Nagoya NA-24J, so they must sell the real thing. Also, they sell versions for BNC as well as SMA female and SMA male. The Jim who is looking for a light antenna will be quite delighted with how light it is. The price is reasonable too.