Friday, July 29, 2016

SDR Limits

From the linked article:
The key feature of the LimeSDR, and all boards derived from Lime Micro’s tech is the LMS7002M. It’s a Field Programmable RF transceiver with coverage from 100kHz to 3.8GHz, a programmable IF filtering from 600kHz to 80MHz, and — this one is important — on-chip reconfigurable ‘signal processing’ and a fast USB 3.0 interface to a computer.

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  1. You need quite a bit of processing power to handle non-trivial bandwidth, that's for sure. Some very simple things can be done on a Raspberry Pi, especially with rtl_tcp (forwarding the raw bits off to a proper laptop or desktop to decode). A Raspberry Pi 3 *might* have enough processing power for 1200bps packet applications through an SDR.

    I bought one of the Early Bird LimeSDRs, but I am trying to keep my expectations in-check. Without USB3 speeds, my guess is that I'll be doing a lot of what I was already doing with my RTL2832U/R820T2 dongles. Just somewhat better and more expensively.