Tuesday, August 23, 2016

iRadio CP-168: OPG Review

"I have a weakness for exotic, tiny radios. Usually because they’re inexpensive and unusual. The iRadio CP-168 definitely fits the description. 
This radio is approximately the size of a speaker microphone from other radios but still boasts a 2 W transmitter power. One feature that sets this apart from the usual entries in the Baofeng 666/777/888 or other small radios is the 128 channel memory capacity. 
One thing about this radio that catches the eye and tingles my geek nerve is the hidden display. Similar to the MotoTRBO SL300 radios, the iradio CP 168 uses LEDs that shine through the front of the case. Unless the display is in use, you would not even know that it is there."
 You can get them on Amazon ($53.80 for a pair) or individually at the 409Shop ($39.50 each).

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