Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New RTL-SDR Blog Dongle

RTL-SDR announces a new version of their dongle:

1) Improved ESD protection on the radio front end.
2) Longer SMA connector.
3) Improved front end circuit.
4) Added a software switchable 4.5v bias tee.
5) Added several access pads on the PCB.
6) Added a clock selector jumper.
7) Reduced noise with a modified PCB design.
8) Added an experimental HF direct sampling circuit, which is diplexed out from the SMA connector.
9) Antenna bases now come with a stronger magnet and a conductive copper sticker on the bottom.

You can buy one (with the antenna) at Amazon for $25. (Showing out of stock, but available on 8/19 so you can pre-order.)

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