Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Baofeng DM-5R: Manuals and Software

Radiodiddity has posted the manual and software for the DM-5R. I hope some of our DMR experts will pour over them and report back anything interesting.

Manual direct link (PDF)
Programming software direct link (RAR)

Software Password: 123456


  1. The only problem is when I attempt to change the language from Chinese to English, it gives me some weird error.

    The software looks like it might support MotoTrbo, but I'm not sure about the whole upgrade thing to Tier II to make it work on the Trbo system.

    Funny this is when I sent an email telling Radio edit about this, they sent me a link to resolve my programming cable issue.

    Oh well...

    1. That's Radioddity not Radio edit. Oh the joys of using a tablet to post.

  2. programming software Does not work in uv5r cable...