Friday, September 23, 2016

Baofeng DM-5R: Radioddity Responds to Questions

Radioddity posts a response to some of the questions about the DM-5R and it's DMR capabilities:
Rumor 1: The BaoFeng DM-5R is not compatible with MOTOTRBO TIER 2.
FALSE. While the BaoFeng DM-5R comes out of the box only supporting Tier 1, it can be easily upgraded to support Tier 2 online. The upgrade will be available at as well as BaoFeng’s official website (under construction). This upgrade costs less than $10.

Rumor 2: The BaoFeng DM-5R is a dPMR, not a DMR.
FALSE. The standards for a DMR are as follows:
TS 102 361-1: Air interface protocol
TS 102 361-2: Voice and generic services and facilities
TS 102 361-3: Data protocol
TS 102 361-4: Trunking protocol
The DM-5R meets each of the ETSI Standards listed above. A true DMR, not a dPMR.

Rumor 3: The BaoFeng DM-5R is not FCC or IC certified.
FALSE. The BaoFeng DM-5R has met FCC and IC standards in its testing. The documents may not be visible online, as it takes about 4 weeks for the documents to be available.
They still don't give specifics on how to get Tier II - only mentioning the $10 upgrade.


  1. And apparently now they are claiming it to support trunking....

    What a bunch of crap - these idiots have no idea; but it certainly helps them get a bunch of free press here

  2. That would be funny if somebody figured out how to unlock them for free and posted it online.

    1. I was wondering if it is a software change that would be easily done in CHIRP.

  3. At least they answered someone. All I got when i asked some specific questions about this radio was a coupon code. Well, i have to look at the software and see if I can even use that or not.

  4. Don't rush to buy it.
    If they are so interested to sell you this radio, wait until they offer it already upgraded to Tier 2.

  5. "TS 102 361-4: Trunking protocol"

    Does anyone even read what is being posted - now they are claiming Tier 3 with the above comment; stay far away from a vendor who obviously doesn't understand radio or what they are saying.

    Upgrade = "Vaporware"; if they knew what they were doing it would be available on day one; this is a rushed product cutting corners to try and halt competition (aka TYT MD380)

    1. Upgrades does not necessarily mean vaporware -- it could mean licensing.

      If you buy a Raspberry Pi, you can "upgrade" with licenses for a couple of codecs in the hardware. It is not vaporware, but it allows extra codec performance for those who really need it.

  6. I wonder if this DMR Baofeng also comes to Dutch stores.

    1. Why would you want a half baked product in Dutch stores?

  7. So I have gone around and around a few times with Radioddity about the DM-5R. Although it hasn't reached me yet, I too raised concerns with the whole Tier 1 Tier 2 thing. They sent me a copy of the software, which didn't work because I couldn't change it to English. After a few rounds, they sent me a working copy, and even has a "dummy" code plug to play with.

    The funny thing is when I was fooling around with it, there is adjustments for 2 times slots, color codes, etc etc etc. This thing might actually work on MotoTrbo repeaters.

    Time will tell...


    1. This Baofeng thing is just a
      load of old wank.

      Stop giving it credence and
      move on!