Friday, September 16, 2016

TalkiePi - Raspberry Pi Walkie Talkie

"talkiepi uses Mumble for its voice communication protocol. Mumble is an open source, lightweight, high quality voice chat system designed for use by PC gamers. Mumble lent itself perfectly for this use case. There are already software clients for all platforms (Mac, Win, Linux, IOS, Android), meaning you can talk with your talkiepi using your phone or computer, and you're not limited to just talkiepi devices! By utilizing Mumble channels, user registration, and access control lists, you can configure different groups of talkiepis, just like using different channels on a traditional walkie talkie.

talkiepi is built utilizing a Raspberry Pi, USB speakerphone, some basic electronic components, and a 3D printed enclosure. talkiepi runs amumble client that has been designed specifically for push to talk via the push button interface. After it is setup on your wifi network and the software is configured, talkiepi will require little to no maintenance to use."

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