Wednesday, October 5, 2016

FEIDA FE-M1: Mini HT with LCD

In addition to the Feida FE-768, there is the FE-M1 which includes a LCD display. 409Shop again wants us to play "guess the frequencies."


  1. The M2 freqs are now listed on the site. Its a 16 chnl unit. This FEIDA M1 is a 22 chnl unit. They should have he freq list up shortly. What countries are these units made for /

  2. Hmmm. Cute units. IF they can be programmed for ham frequencies, I might be tempted. However, would I rather have a display, or built-in speaker and mic?

  3. So far the best price I can find on a pair of the M1s FELIDA T-M1 is 49.99 USD on with FREE shipping to the USA. They are listed as PMR446 units. The M2 has 16 channels and the M1 is listed as having 22 channels. A search on PMR446 lists only 8 channels. I don't know what the other channels are. The listed 8 channels are in the USA ham band for 440-450 MHZ. Here are the 8 channels, and they are within the USA ham band.
    1 446.00625
    2 446.01875
    3 446.03125
    4 446.04375
    5 446.05625
    6 446.06875
    7 446.08125
    8 446.09375

    Quote from Ian Poole (
    PMR446 is primarily a European system. Freqs are harmonized across Europe and even with the EU, not all member states have authorized the system. Outside the EU, the freqs are most likely to be allocated to other users. For example within the USA, the OPMR446 freqs are allocated to AMATEUR RADIO. Accordingly, PMR446 radios can only e used in the USA under FCC amateur radio regs by licensed radio amateurs. The use of PMR446 within the USA has been an annoyance to us amateur operators due to use of the equipment by EU tourists in the USA.