Thursday, June 1, 2017

BaoFeng Tech X-Series Mobiles

I'm way behind on the BaoFeng Tech mobiles, so I'm spending some time looking at them. Who all grabbed one of these? Comments? The UV-25X4 has the highest ratings on Amazon - averaging 4.6 stars over 21 reviews.

The X-Series:
"The X-Series Mobiles introduce our new fully customizable Multi-Color LCD display screen. You can adjust the complete display to be exactly as you want it (with 9 available colors across 10 display elements). Beyond the display, you can fully customize your channels to display their alpha-numeric names or frequency settings.
The X-Series Mobiles also introduces our new dual sync mode! With this option, you can single or dual sync two different channels and display both their frequency and name simultaneously. If you prefer instead to monitor up to four channels; you can single line display a channel's name or frequency. Additionally, as a new feature added: you can even monitor both VFO (frequency) and channel modes simultaneously.

Another feature introduced in the X-Series mobiles is the ability to edit your channel preferences without needing to program a new channel! You can edit tones, additional squelch information, and even add or remove it from your scanning list anytime!

Scanning channels and frequencies has now gotten even easier! A new menu allows you to select scanning resume methods. You can set the radio to start scanning immediately during reboot, resume scanning if you interrupt scanning to transmit, or start scanning soon as it powers on."

BTECH UV-25X2 - 25 watt dual band mobile
BaoFeng Tech link
Amazon link ($114.89)

BTECH UV-25X4 - 25 watt quad band mobile


  1. I got the UV-50x2 last month and the first one had a bad display, so I returned it to Amazon and received a second one which I am currently using in my truck. It works well, but doesn't have a display brightness, so picking the right color scheme is important for use in a vehicle. So far, black background with white foreground works the best for me. There are lots of display arrangement choices, but I haven't figured it out yet. All in all I get great reports for audio quality.

  2. I have the 25X3. Works fine. A few minor quirks, but no deal breakers.... John KD8DVR