Friday, September 8, 2017

Baofeng Tech: MURS-V1

The kind folks at Baofeng Tech sent me a couple of their new BTECH MURS-V1 radios. They introduce the MURS-V1 this way:
"MURS is a two-way, VHF short-distance voice or data communications service for personal or business activities of the general public.

The MURS-V1 is a great introduction to two-way radios as a step-up from common walkie talkies. The MURS-V1 introduces users to common PL (Private Line) tones and terminology. Standard CTCSS and DCS terminology is used without abstract Menu terms (such as "Tone 12") used by bubble-pack radios."
I'll have to recruit the help of my crack team to help me test these MURS radios out.

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