Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Baofeng BF-T1 (BF-9100)

Some interesting stuff about the Baofeng BF-T1 that Ivan Hazelton shared* on the original BF-T1 post:
Good news! With the programming cable you can program this little rig with 20 channels 400-520MHz and 130-174MHz. Now be aware that the antenna is ... sub-optimal for the 130-174MHz so a suitable replacement will need to be MacGyvered. It'll be great to have a little, >$20, 4oz, disposable, dual band rig. It goes by another name BF-9100A, and the software to program it can be found here or direct linked here (.rar file).  The cable does use a fake PL-2303 serial chip, so you'll also need the drivers off the same page, or direct linked here (.rar file)
Direct link to BF-9100A/BF-T1 Manual (.doc).
Also, it has CHIRP support.

*I've done some editing so the links work.


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  2. This radio does NOT have the filters to TX on 2M. Please, don't even try it. The digital part will happily try to comply, but the analog part will not filter out extra signals. This will likely involve breaking FCC rules if you TX out of the designed band.

  3. Yes go to https://www.baofengradio.com/pages/download and download the installation guidleine (28 020 122) and follow the instructions. Worked for me on Win10