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Saturday, September 20, 2014

SainSonic AP510 APRS Tracker

The SainSonic AP510 APRS Tracker ($140 at Amazon):

AVRT5 is developed on the basis of the above aprs AVRTT-AVRT4 equipment, the main function is to transmit APRS data integration. Built-in GPS antenna and module + VHF radio transceiver module to TNC codec comprehensive plan. When it power on it can be decoded to work with the standard orientation can be issued after verification of aprs data. It's compatible with common business APRS equipment and various aprsDIGI repeat and IGATE, it's a real APRS machine including transmitting and receiving.


* Built- charge management IC (Input 5V)
* LED status display: Dual LED display, red is charging indicator, when charging it's red, full extinguished or dimmed. Green is the GPS indicator: Flashing indicates that no location. If it's on it means success positioning
* Single button: Press button long time - turn on. After startup, short press- transmitting, long press-turn off
* 18B20 temperature sensor: IC precision 0.0625 degrees, passes the temperature of inside/outside the machine and the board in real time
* The buzzer (beep): Switch and transmitter, there beep prompt, convenient to determine the state and blind transfer machines
* TF deck: Internal device flash memory allow you to store your position history with second by second resolution


* Memory: Support 4G TF card (not included)
* Thermometer: 18B20 Sensor
* MCU SCM: Mega64 Industrial
* Output: USB
* Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0
* Decoding function: Decoder chip of CML Inc.
* Battery Capacity: 3300 mAh
* Interface Extension: PCB 3 Analog Interface
* LED: Highlight Dual LED Indicator

Package List

1 x AVRT5 APRS tracker
1 x USB data cable to PC
1 x VHF Antenna

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