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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baofeng Tech Announcement

My grandfather was a master at taking incomplete information and coming up with a story that would fit all the details. I don't really have that talent - I just muddle though and try to find the grand unifying theory of Chinese radios like this attempt or the follow up - both back in 2012.

So in the absence of any more data from Baofeng Tech until Monday, a redditor's theory...

Monday, July 29, 2013

AnyTone AT-398UV

On AliExpress, the AnyTone AT-398UV is available for $96 + $31 shipping.

Frequency Range:
(RX:) FM: 136-174MHZ + 400-480MHZ
(TX:) FM: 136-174MHZ + 400-480MHZ
FM Radio: 76-108MHZ

Working mode: UU, UV,V V, U,V
200 Channels+2 groups VFO
Output Power: 5W/0.5W
51 groups+1 group user defined CTCSS+1024 group DCS encode and decode.
DTMF encode and decode
2 Tone/5Tone encode and decode
Multi scan: VFO scan +channel Scan+ Priority scan
+CTCSS scan+DCS scan
VOX function(10 levels) multi-scrambler
Wide/narrow band
Squelch Tail Elimination

One charger
One Li-ion battery (1500mAh)
one rubber antenna
one user manual

Anytone AT-3318UV and AT-398UV

Anyone? I'm googling now.

bbrannan @brickolore Hey, you ever heard of an Anytone AT-3318UV or AT-398UV? Another with true dual band receive maybe.

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