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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New and Catching Up with Hamgear

Hans has come across some new radios/brands.

Chicom CH-UVQ9 - dual band HT (2M/220)
Chicom CH-3300H - 65 watt VHF mobile with all the controls on the speaker/mic.

Luiton LT-333 - another HT, but with the reverse LCD.

And one I should have posted about a long time ago...

Boafeng BF-666S / BF-777S / BF-888S - cheap mono band professional (channelized) HT.

(Oh wait, I did post about the BF-666S once.)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Baofeng BF-666: Cheap, Fixes

Hans had taken a quick look at the BF-666S (aka the BF-777S aka the BF-888S) and found them to be decent, cheap ($23.50 USD) radios. He sold a couple of them to a fellow ham - after giving him fair warning of the short-comings. As no good dead goes unpunished, this transaction ultimately turned into a bit of detective work and a project to fix the distorted audio. Along with that modification, he also suggests checking the frequency accuracy if you have have access to the appropriate tools.