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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Serial Ports

Ah, the good old days of serial and parallel ports... I have several tubs of old computer hardware - IDE cables, video and sound cards, old processors (even my favorite of all time - the Celeron 300A*), etc. I went through them over the week-end and have set aside about a third of it to be recycled. I digress...

Alex (PA1SBM) finds no serial ports or PCI on his new PC, but after a false start finds a card that works.

* Does it make me a huge geek for having a favorite CPU? I just remember how much bang for the buck you got with the Celeron 300A as it easily overclocked to 450 MHz.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

COM Port Display

Not a bad idea for those with chronic problems, but I've never had much difficulty looking up what COM port is being used. Ed has an app that can help.

LA3ZA This solves a common problem for hams - want one! "USB to serial with COM port LCD display"…Wed, Dec 26 13:25:46 from TweetDeck