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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

iPad Usage

Apparently iPad user purchase patterns are different from other mobile users thus making them more valuable:

"A lot of really good businesses build their business model around getting to 10% conversion rate to purchasers within 6 to 12 months. It’s simply amazing that we’re seeing 10% conversion to purchase within the first week for iPad users.
Second, the Custora model forecasts that iPad users are worth twice as much 2-year revenue vs. non-iPad customers."
And it seems we are learning new ways to use our iPads. With all the "cloud" services, I'm surprised that the demand for more disk space is going up. Perhaps the magic of syncing across devices actually drives the need for more space when all your pictures, videos, apps, and files start showing up on your tablet. I am seriously thinking about an e-ink Kindle to use as a pure e-reader, so the second graph makes sense to me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Sure Which is Scarier

asymco From comments: "consumerization" is actually going to reveal itself as "commoditization" of IT as an industryWed, Jan 11 05:42:28 from Twitter for Mac

Of course, my background is on the infrastructure side, which I've felt like has been a commodity for a long time. In the past you outsourced infrastructure to a different company, but kept the techs (maybe the same set of techs!) on-site. Then you outsourced some of your infrastructure support to India. Now you put applications in the cloud. I guess it really doesn't scare me - everything changes and IT faster than others.

I'd still love to get our e-mail in the cloud. I've got plenty to do and off loading e-mail would be a good one.