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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No More Social Security Statements

So the government is going to save $70 million a year by ending the practice of mailing out annual social security statements. (One more nail in the USPS coffin!) My church also went through a similar exercise. First, they asked members to sign up for the electronic version and stop receiving one via postal mail. Secondly, they cut the newsletter mailing to every other week. So we get the same information - just in a different format and schedule.

If you read the article, the SSA is not providing any sort of on-line reporting tool as a replacement. Since the data exists electronically, one would think they could take part of the savings and build a system. They do provide an on-line estimator, but it wouldn't even recognize that I existed.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Data Center Consolidation

In 2011, data center consolidation is easy.
"For too long, the Federal Government allowed the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars to fund ineffective and duplicative projects, failing to leverage advances in technology to achieve savings. The result is that taxpayer dollars have been wasted. This should never be tolerated, but particularly with the tough fiscal situation, it’s unacceptable. It’s time that we live within our means, cut the waste too prevalent in Washington, and live up to our responsibility to the American people."
I agree. The above statement was made in the context of eliminating about 40% of the federal data centers. Let's not stop there.

I've reviewed the original presentation and the recent update. No where does it mention staff reductions (unless it is some political-speech/code that I don't understand.)

IT Reforms 25 Point Plan (PDF)
IT Reforms 25 Point Plan - Progress Report (PowerPoint)

Seriously, with virtualization, cloud based computing, and ubiquitous internet access the decision to retire, consolidate, and outsource is not difficult. To truly become lean, they need to get rid of people. That's the tough call to make. It sucks. Lives are impacted. If you don't get rid of some jobs, then you can't expect real change to occur. Industry learned this lesson long ago. Adopt the technology of 2011 and the business practices of the 80's.